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Bobby is the kind of person who has amazing advice about building a company, but who you would just as soon seek counsel on in your personal life. I feel lucky - and all the better - for having done both .

Andy Dunn | BONOBOS

While Bobby is well known as a successful entrepreneur, he seems to get even more enjoyment from helping up-and-coming entrepreneurs become successful. His love for the development of successful products and businesses, either his own or those of others, is what has made him so successful.

Joe Kiani | MASIMO

Bobby was instrumental in the formation of salesforce.com - connecting me with our cofounders. We could not have done it without Bobby!

Marc Benioff | SALESFORCE

I have had the pleasure of knowing Bobby as a classmate from first grade and he is my closest and wisest friend, 45 years later! What has remained true throughout these years is that he is a special individual with utmost integrity, discipline and insights. Coupled with his positive attitude, energy and passion he is the ultimate coach and ally for any entrepreneur who has to overcome all obstacles to build a great enterprise!

Omid Kordestani | GOOGLE

Bobby has been an exceptionally insightful and dedicated director and investor in our company and a great mentor to me in the past few years. Bobby helped me from the inception of the idea behind Bina four years ago at Stanford until today, when we are rapidly expanding our product portfolio and commercial presence.


Bobby is highly respected throughout Silicon Valley as a business leader and skilled investor. More importantly, Bobby is a man of integrity who is constantly looking for ways to add value to our community and support entrepreneurs. I am proud to call him a friend and ally.

Joe Lonsdale | ADDEPAR

Bobby has mastered both the art and science of company creation. In addition to being a strategic visionary and skilled operator, he is a believer in the human piece of entrepreneurialism - a believer in people. Without Bobby's participation in Qwiki's early formation, no doubt it would still be an idea in a sketchbook rather than an important part of Yahoo's future. I could not be a bigger fan of Bobby Yazdani.

Doug Imbruce | QWIKI

Bobby is one of those unique investors who actually makes a significant positive impact on the companies he is involved in. He was my first investor, board member, and I consider him to be one of my greatest mentors. We found his advice and involvement invaluable on numerous occasions and there is no question we would not have gotten the highly successful exit we did without him. Bobby is brilliant, thoughtful, extremely well connected. He has a love for innovative companies and the people who build them, and is an amazing asset for any founder looking to take their startup to the next level.

Haroon Mokhtarzada | WEBS.COM

We initially invited Bobby to become an advisor/investor because of his background as both an entrepreneur and as a savvy investor. We quickly realized his real value is being able to synthesize that experience with his vision across the venture landscape into systemic issues and trends long before they are apparent to other startups or investors.

Adam Sager | CANARY

Bobby has been awesome to work with! He has more experience and insight than the vast majority of investors out there. I can rely on him in both good and challenging times. We'll be working with each other for many companies to come.

Jessicah Mah | INDINERO

Bobby is a great friend of the entrepreneur. Having walked the walk, his expertise and instincts are the core to his success as a mentor and corporate leader. Along with his vision and mission to develop companies, he uses his extensive network of successful companies and industry peers to validate what he believes to be true. This approach is incredibly valuable because he continues to bring new insight, perspectives, and industry knowledge to all the companies' stakeholders. Whether a current challenge or a future obstacle, Bobby’s entrepreneurial spirit and wisdom help drive companies to the next level. He is a great steward of the journey that companies go through to achieve success.

Tony Glowacki | WEALTHENGINE

Bobby has been a tremendously helpful investor, both building community among the founders he works with and providing thoughtful feedback through working sessions.

Alison Johnston | INSTAEDU

I can't think of anyone else throughout my life who's had a deeper impact on me both from a professional perspective as well as personal. He is caring, authentic, precise and also tough (and expects the same from you). He was absolutely instrumental in the creation, development, launch and ultimately acquisition of Clever Sense by Google. If you get a chance to work with Bobby, do not pass it up.

Babak Pahlavan | CLEVER SENSE

Bobby has been a great asset to Homejoy - he really cares and always has the founder's best interest in mind.

Adora Cheung |  HOMEJOY

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